Terratech manufacture a heavy duty multi leg Subsoiler for pan busting down to 20 inches

The heavy duty box section main frame comes with CAT 3 headstock as standard. The steep 'V' angle gives high tine stagger for increased trash clearance and reduced risk of pulling out large lumps when lifting the machine out of work on headlands.

Legs are manufactured from 25mm heat treated Boron steel for superior strenght and wear resistance whilst the point are produced from and one-piece, quick attach points made from cast steel with exellent harness and abrasion resistance.

The points assemblies are attached by just one bolt, making changes fast and easy - meaning all the point can be changed in a matter of minutes. Replacment weld-on tips are available allowing new tips to be attached on-farm if the rest of the point is in good shape to keep operating costs down.

A multiple-break shear bar provides protection as standard, with hydraulic reset available as an option for stony conditions.

At the rear is a 800mm Packer roller. This large diameter roller maintains the sub-soiler legs at a constant depth. It also crushes and tears-apart any clods that are lifted to leave a firm, weather tight, stlae seedbed.

To provide additional cultivation ahead of the packer roller we offer an option of rigid cultivating tines behind the subsoiler legs. It has also been designed to allow broadcasters to be fitted quickley and easily for economic one pass sowing of oilseed rape.

The standard subsoiler is available in 3 and 5 leg versions with leg spacing of 650mm. Alternative legs and leg spacing can be specified to suit different applications and tractor sizes.

Terratech also offers a trailing kit to allow its subsoiler to be towed reducing the twisting forces when attached via the linkage on tracked tractors. A crawler can also pull upto 30% more when a machine is pulled by the drawbar rather than the linkage.


  • 2.5 metre – 4 metre
  • Mounted or Trailed
  • 2 – 5 legs
  • Heavy duty “V” formation frame
  • Cat 3 headstock
  • Boron steel legs
  • Shear bolt protection
  • 800mm Giant Packer roller c/w scraper bar

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