Front Presses

TerraTech offer the most comprehensive range of front presses in comparison to any other manufacturer. We can offer a machine to suit all soil conditions, with sizes from 3m up to 6m folding. These come with a choice of rings, packers, coils and tine options.

The advantages of using a front press are that wheelings will be reduced as the tractor is not carrying heavy front weights, there is less wear on the power harrow/cultivator tines as there is no need to work them as deep, there is a more even establishment of seed as the drill is working in a more evenly consolidated seedbed, higher work rates can be achieved as less power is required, it helps prevent damage by slugs by restricting their movement and the press acts as a good counterbalance for Drill Combinations.


  • Robust construction
  • All models have built in steering
  • Choice of 30*/45* or shouldered rings
  • 700mm Giant Packer with water bung
  • 600mm coil packer
  • Levelling/Jackpot/Rigid Tines
  • Hydraulic folding on 3 metre upwards  

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3m Front press specs

  • 2 rows of shear pin protected rigid tines
  • 1 row of hydraulically adjustable levelling tines
  • 1 row of shouldered cast rings